Welcome to Bonita Dance, the virtual home of Bonita Ridley- teacher and performer of Egyptian Belly Dance

A Sussex based teacher and performer, Bonita has always been a great lover of all dance and music. From an early age, dancing has played an important part of Bonita’s life. Her enthusiasm eventually led her to take a particular interest in the elegant movements and infectious rhythms of Egyptian Belly Dance.

Since then, Bonita had the good fortune to be accepted as a student on the 1st ever Drumzy Advanced Dancers Course with international teachers and artists, Hossam and Serena Ramzy, studying with them for over 2 years. She finally graduated in August 2009 and is now a very proud member of the Ramzy Dance Company.

She continues to teach regular classes throughout East Sussex, refining and extending her dance and drumming skills whilst helping and watching her students develop their own confidence and a love of belly dance!